There is nothing as fast paced and exciting as working for WHSmith. Working in retail there is never a dull moment.

Store Manager

We give our Store Managers the freedom and autonomy they need to run their store in their own way as they have complete Profit and Loss, merchandise and staff control and in return there are excellent rewards and benefits. We need conscientious and inspiring leaders to drive sales, hit challenging Key Performance Indicators, be hands on in the day to day operations and to motivate a team in what is undeniably a tough economic environment that brings about new challenges every day.

I most enjoy the variety whether it’s on the shop floor or back office operations. No day is the same!

Claire Assistant Manager

You will need to be able to multi task to ensure that you keep abreast of what's going on in all areas of your store - from the stock room to the shop floor. You will also take a proactive approach to leading and developing your team and by making the very most of their talents, you will make sure your store reaches maximum productivity and profitability.

We're looking for experienced Retail Managers. People who have a proven track record in a high-volume, fast paced environment. If that sounds like you, there could be a great future for you here.

Case Study – Keir, Store Manager

I arrive at work at 7.30am and check in with the news team to understand if there are any issues with the delivery that need dealing with before opening. Next job is to set the back office systems up ready for trade. Once completed it's back to the shop floor to carry out a store review, outlining all the jobs that need to be done over the course of the day.

As the rest of the management team arrive, I align with them to ensure we all have the same agenda for the day. I check the reports from yesterday’s performance, making a note of anything that will need further investigation.

Today’s delivery has just arrived and the stockroom team and I work together to ensure the delivery is checked in quickly and efficiently so that the shop floor team can put out on display. There has been a substantial change in this week’s book chart with more than usual titles entering and leaving the chart.  The delivery contains some of the stock, so now it is time to remerchandise stock that has dropped out of the chart and return duplicate titles to the stockroom.

It is now approaching lunch time, our peak selling period so it is essential I am present on the shop floor at this time.  This can be behind a till driving sales or on the shop floor ensuring standards are being maintained whilst assisting customers.

It’s now 4.30pm and I am leading a voice conference to discuss trading performance and get key focuses for the week ahead. 

Now back to the shop floor for a final review to see if the day has gone to plan and ensure the level of staffing for the following day is adequate given the workload.

Busy, but hugely rewarding.