I set myself tough targets and I know that if I achieve them I'll get the recognition & opportunities to progress that I deserve

Marketing Assistant

Marketing is at the heart of our customer’s perception of our brand and we are always looking to build upon our position of strength. Our Marketing teams base all of their decisions on gathering insights into our customers' wants and ensuring we continue to delight them. The retail market can be unpredictable and very changeable and our Marketing team need to respond quickly to these changes so we require individuals that can continue to be innovative in such environments.

With roles ranging from Art Worker to Marketing Director, this team take requests from our Buying and Merchandising teams and convert them into creative design solutions, through to providing a strategic design direction for our brand in both the store environment and product/packaging areas.

Does this sound like you?

What we look for from our marketing teams are enthusiastic, hard working individuals that have a real passion for retail and protecting our brand. Ideally you will have previous marketing, design or customer insights experience either in-house or in an agency but most importantly you will have that combination of creative thinking, commercial awareness and quick decision making that is essential for success in today’s fast paced, challenging world of retail.